Concrete Formwork

Industrial & Heavy Industrial Structures

  • Manufacturing plants & Warehouses
  • Power structures (Hydro, Coal-fired, Gas, Steam, Oil and Petrochemical)
  • Pulp and Paper facilities & Mills

Commercial Structures

  • Shopping Centres, Recreational Facilities & Sport Facilities, Hotels

Large Residential Structures

  • Apartment & Condominium buildings

Institutional Structures

  • Universities, Hospitals, Medical Facilities, Government Facilities, National Defense Facilities, Parking Structures​

Civil & Heavy Civil Construction

  • Marine Structures – Launch Ways, Wharfs, Jetties, Dockyard Structures
  • Transportation Structures – Approach Ramps, Overpasses, Bridges, Headwalls,
  • Airport Structures
  • Water Works – Pumping Stations, Manholes, Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

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